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Digital Marketing forSocial media to have creative impact

At motion wizard we have one aim to make content for social media and new channels focused on animation and video that leads to brand awareness and bigger sales


Our Video examples shows a quick intor into brand anc characterisation – this video could be in multiple languages

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A creative way of quickly using animation on static images to give an impact that creates clicks

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Our Video example is a quick Stomp Video to make a impact on a post with less than 10 seconds

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Animated Posts

We utilise animation to make your posts come to life, entertain or inform, a creative way of making impact.

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Core Creative Packages

We have developed content to give your social media a wow

Below are some of our key services with very approachable pricing

Animated BRAND Video

Animated video with characterisation of your brand in acreative and dynamic setting

Animated PRODUCT Video

Animated content to give your product the wow for a market that demands impact quickly.

Animated Image

Creative image with dimension that makes your product or service stand out amongst 1000's of posts.

Animated Logo Reveal

A Short intro animation to reveal your logo and created an opening impact on your brand

Youtube Identity

A short video that helps create identity and brand for each of your videos on you tube

Animated Posts

Create a post that catches the attention and advertises you message , product and event

Multiscreen Animation

A creative way to showcase a range of services or products, team members orbrand elements


A fast and rhythmic slideshow with creative text animations and snappy transitions.

Explainer/Doodle Video

A video to cover key concepts in a visual format structured to help the viewer understand key USP's

Campaign Plans

Campaign Plans

Wecan help you plan a full digital marketing campaign to launch products

Graphic Design

Graphic Design

From design of Logos to key products and characters to professionally brand

Support Services

We Provide A Range Of Digital Marketing Support Services

SEO Optimised

SEO Optimised

A proven methodical approach that ensures on all levels your site is high ranked

Impact Scripting

Impact Scripting

Helping you create the right text for posts, blogs and key titles

Platform Migration

Platform Migration

A service to ensure that your content is onall key digital platforms

AI Solutions

AI Solutions

Utilising the latest AI for both and script to give dynamic content

Core Features

Growth of Social Media Digital Marketing

Reasons to focus on Social Media marketing


Social Media Users

5.16 Billion Internet Users. 4.76-Billion Social Media Users


Youtube No 1

Youtube is the largest platform at 62% in regards to usage.


More time spent by Women

Women on average spend 62 mins a day on SM while men spend 49 Mins


Tik Tok - Women

As of April 2023, it was found that 21 percent of TikTok's global audience were women between the ages of 18 and 24 years

How We Works

Our Working Process

We have made the process so simple to get creative work done

  • Select Your Content

    Go to products page and look at the example video to select best content for your requirements.

  • Complete a content form

    We utilise a system to make it as simple as possible to get your content envisioned in the right way with the best graphics, sound and motion

  • Purchase Your Content

    We will send you your video or animation content watermarked so you can verify it, then it can be purchased online very simply

  • Prove ourselfs to impress

    Our prices are low as primarily we hope that you see how good we are and give us the chance to manage the creative element of a full online campaign

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