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Digital Marketing for Social media to have creative impact

At motion wizard we have one aim to make content for social media and new channels focused on animation and video that leads to brand awareness and bigger sales. We are also experts in utilising AI for branding and images.


Expert marketers can harness the power of AI to enhance image and video branding. AI technologies can analyse visual content, identify patterns, and generate insights that can guide marketers in creating visually appealing and impactful brand assets.


We can help with

  • AI Toolsets
  • Brand data validation
  • Prompt scripting
  • trend analysis
  • new toolset implementation


A creative way of quickly using animation on static images to give an impact that creates clicks.

Utilising a dynamic image as the key focus and then add punchy sounds and brand message enables you to create a real impact fast and creates a vibrant message.

This works as well on services


We utilise animation to make your posts come to life, entertain & inform, a creative way of making impact.

The amount of basic posts that your competitors  do leave you with a great opportunity to stand out and add interest and fun to your posts.

Its crucial that the animation is short and effective


Youtube is the biggest broadcaster in the world  and its crucial that your brand is in all parts of your post.

This can be on Subscribe, this can be on indents, this can be on channel banners

We know how to add video inserts of only a few seconds that have a massive impact

Animated Gifs

This is a very creative way of using a series of images overlayed in a manner to create depth and motion.

There low file size and simplicity enable easy sharing and great impact on brand message

The Tennis player is a great example adjacent.

Play Video
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Our Video example is a quick Stomp Video to make a impact on a post with less than 10 seconds.  Key messages can be spliced with bold video overlays to convey brand and purpose. Multiple languages can be utilised


Our Video example shows a quick intro using cartoons to create brand and characterisation .

This video could be in multiple languages with your product image as the standout graphic

Play Video
Play Video


Our Video example is a great example of the power of an explainer video. It merges key product USP’s and context to create an informative short video. These can be especially useful for products that need more explanation.

How We Works

Our Working Process

We have made the process so simple to get creative work done

  • Select Your Content

    Go to products page and look at the example video to select best content for your requirements.

  • Complete a content form

    We utilise a system to make it as simple as possible to get your content envisioned in the right way with the best graphics, sound and motion

  • Purchase Your Content

    We will send you your video or animation content watermarked so you can verify it, then it can be purchased online very simply

  • Prove ourselfs to impress

    Our prices are low as primarily we hope that you see how good we are and give us the chance to manage the creative element of a full online campaign