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AI SUPPORT for Marketing

Expert marketers can harness the power of AI to enhance image and video branding.. This can be used to really drive clicks especially for small businesses

AI technologies can analye visual content, identify patterns, and generate insights that can guide marketers in creating visually appealing and impactful brand assets.

With AI-powered image and video analysis, marketers can understand how their target audience perceives their brand, identify trends and preferences, and optimize their visual content accordingly.

AI can also assist in automating tasks like image and video editing, making the branding process more efficient and cost-effective. To stay updated, marketers should actively engage with industry trends, attend conferences, join professional communities, and continually explore emerging

An Case Study Of AI Application

We utilise animation to make your posts come to life, entertain & inform, a creative way of making impact.

The amount of basic posts that your competitors  do leave you with a great opportunity to stand out and add interest and fun to your posts.

Its crucial that the animation is short and effective

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AI Utilised for Arabic Avatar

Within this sector Eagle supplies a range of countries in different continents. 

It is crucial to provide personalisation and standardisation at the same time. Using AI a avatar can be created that can take a script which is geographically and culturally validated, and then translated into a range of localised languages and with different avatars

This technology is rapidly improving so that you can upload any profile and the avatar will speak in a realistic manner on any language. With new algorithms, intonation and emphasis can be added. 


These are exciting and continually improving toolkits that will help get a message across, while keeping on brand

AI Helped on Script for Explainer

AI was utilised to create the script for an explainer video. It helped formulate the following:

  • Key trends within the market,
  • most searched products
  • Trending developments in the market

AI Utilised for a Marketing Plan

We looked at a market approach that had not been utilised by the sales team which was to build brand and product awareness on LinkedIn.

Eagle Generators already had a good presence in established routes, and this would hopefully expand there base of new clients or advocates.

We have been in Marketing for 25 years so know the basis of a good marketing strategy, with that knowledge we developed a no AI plan then an AI Plan incorporating all key prompts we know work within that sector.


We found AI to enhance a plan and it looked into data to establish current trends in the marketplace, this was invaluable for a dynamic and current Marketing Plan