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Stomp Video

We can make videos that incorporate images, video footage and impact graphic to convey a feel, a message, or develop brand. A great example of this is the STOMP video that uses beats, video and images to combine for rapid impact

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A story video utilising one video cut or a series of video cuts with a offer or message can be a great way to convey a feel of the business or product. This gym example whilst simple shows its a unisex gym, with professional equipment in a good setting. Another example could be a restaurant showing service and a meal being cooked. This is a great method to convey “feel”.


Where a marketing campaign or post can really work is with showing the people behind the brand, or the people you feel best represent your customers. Innovative ways such as the video example convey the best way to build brand identity and association.

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A fantastic way to explain a product or service in a format that looks like a informative and creative presentation that mixes, video, graphics and text. Done well this can go into depth whilst not being dull or overdone. We have found on some industries these videos have elicited high enquiries.