Animated Video

We can create a great animated video of your product/service that entertains and build brands. It can incorporate people, animals and props on a range of backgrounds

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Human Characters

There is a range of characters to promote your brand with:

  • A range of professions
  • Male & Female
  • Broad range of age from a baby to grandparents
  • All have unique expressions
  • All have unique movements

Animal Characters

Animal characters add a broad appeal and can contribute a great amount of humour and engagement to a brand

  • They can have their own voices
  • They can be set in a variety of landscapes
  • Each animal has a unique animation (who doesn’t love a bear drinking Coffee
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Your animation can have a variety of dackdrops

  • Office Environments
  • Home environments
  • Different ecosystems e.g Jungle
  • Key Cities e.g. London
  • Retail environments
  • Recreation environments


You can add key objects to dress your scene so that it can bring the setting to life

  • Home Objects
  • Office Objects
  • Vehicles
  • Tools